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Rebecca Steel is a handmade label from Bonn in Germany. Owner of the label is me, Elena, making handcrafted body modification accessories for you with lots of love.

For all questions about payment, material, shipping etc. you can find answers in our FAQ section. Otherwise you can send me an email to mail@rebecca-steel.de, I'm looking forward to your message.

You are getting married soon and are looking for wedding plugs?

 Then you will surely find what you are looking for at our Wedding Plugs section. Otherwise I will gladly make you a custom order.
Also for special occasions such as your graduation or the oktoberfest I can gladly make the right plugs for you.


A plug is a special form of piercing jewelry.
Already in ancient Egypt plugs were worn by both sexes in the earlobes. The Incas often wore plugs as status symbols. The earlobes were stretched to several centimeters. The Spanish name for the Inca was orejones, which means "big ears".

Even today, traditional plugs are common among many indigenous peoples. In Western culture, plugs became fashionable in the mid-1990s as a decorative form for stretched piercings.

The stretching of piercings is a ritual that requires a lot of patience and a careful handling of one's own body. Decorated with chains, wonderfull coloured glass or gem stones, lovely prints and dangles, Rebecca Steel Plugs decorate you and your stretched ears in a special beautiful way.


Brandings are applied on the skin as a form of body modification and a scarification with hot iron, so creating a permanent scar by hot, glowing metal.
Burnt-in scars became fashionable in Western culture in the 20th century.


I do not put my hot iron on your skin, but on wooden discs and make pretty jewelry branding necklaces for you.

More handmade articles about body modification will follow. I'm looking forward to every step of development I will go together with all of you :D.